Sermon Series: Miracles from Above

Sermon Series: Miracles from Above (4 parts).
Everyday, the Lord and His angels touch our lives in small meaningful ways. Sometimes we notice the effect of the influx in us, other times we don’t. Still the Lord is transforming us one step at a time, everyday. And that spiritual transformation is a miracle in itself.
Isn’t your life a miracle?
Despite the limitations and weaknesses one might have in the body, it is a common acceptance that there is still something positive in everybody’s life.
When we focus on the good people/things in our lives, and when we look to the greater good, we are able to lead a life truly charitable. And effecting the Lord’s influx on those around us, is a miracle in itself.
Being an agent of love and kindness to the neighbor and the church, could be performing miracles in people’s lives!
How do you define a miracle?
Come to New Church of Phoenix on Sunday morning and share your opinion with friends and family. Come and learn with us. 
Service starts at 10:30am.
Part 1: Sept. 22, 2019
Part 2: Sept. 29, 2019
Part 3: Oct. 6, 2019
Part 4: Oct. 13, 2019
God bless.
Rev. Jean Atta