Sermon: Heaven, a place for the Humble Heart

The story in Luke 18:9-14 pictures two main characters. It is a very good teaching for all those who seek salvation from the Lord.

If we want to inherit the kingdom of heaven, we need to pay attention to what the Lord says about those two characters in the story. Humility and pride are certainly different from each other in so many ways.

Is there such a thing as “healthy pride?”

What is true humility?

The primary thing in humility is to acknowledge that of our-self we are nothing but evil and falsity. The same is true of repentance, which is effected solely through humility, and this through the confession of the heart that of our-self we are of such a nature. Secrets of Heaven 4779.8

There are times when we need to be humble, and times when we need to show some pride in what we do. What’s the right balance?

Can you think of a time in your life when your sense of pride was out of proportion? Can you think of a time when you felt deeply humble in the presence of the Lord? Come and let’s listen to the Lord’s Word for a spiritual transformation.