LiveStream Sermon 4-19-20: When The The Lord seems Absent

Have you ever felt like the Lord was absent before? This Sermon is about how sometimes, though the Lord is present, we feel like He is absent. Most of the time we feel that way because of what is going on in our own life. Maybe we are in pain, and hoping for a miracle to happen, and we are not seeing anything yet. Maybe we have the COVID-19 Virus and we wonder why the Lord didn’t prevent it from happening to us. Maybe we are fighting a huge battle and we feel like the Lord is totally absent. And the list goes on! Yet we are reminded in the Word of God that we are not alone. In fact the Lord has always been there, and He will always be there for us. So why don’t we feel His presence in those moments?

Listen to this Sermon and find answers.

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Stay Safe!

May the Lord bless you all.