A Good Spiritual Foundation

Is your House built on Sand or Rock?

In Matthew 7, the Lord speaks about two builders. One was called a foolish builder and the other a wise builder.

How wise are we compared to God?

Can you think of anything you did in your life that could be characterized as a foolish action?

How do we strengthen our spiritual house? And what does it mean to build a house?

It is my belief that no one chooses to build their life on the sand, but sometimes life happens, and we must steer our life and sail toward the right direction.

So after we have gone the wrong way, how do we come back home?

The Lord is our refuge and strength, a very present help when in trouble, therefore we will not fear… Ps. 46:1-2

Building a spiritual home takes some discipline and action. The same way our regeneration takes steps, we are to build our home with good steps as well. A good illustration could be the fact that: A seedling does not grow up into a mature tree in a single day. First there is a seed, then a root, then a shoot, which develops into a trunk; then branches come out of that and develop leaves and finally flowers and fruit. Wheat and barley do not spring up ready for harvest in a single day.

So come and see what the Writings have to say about wisdom and guidance from God as we walk on the path of our spiritual journey. Come see how the Lord sustains us into building our spiritual life.


A home is not built in a single day. We do not become full grown in a single day; reaching wisdom takes us even longer. The church is not established-let alone perfected-in a single day. We will make no progress toward a goal unless we first make a start. TCR 586

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