Church is Reopened! – We are back in-person. Sundays 10:30AM

The New Church of Phoenix is reopened. You are all invited to worship with us in-person every Sunday morning. Worship service starts at 10:30 AM. 

The service is Streamed “live” on Facebook (@NewChurchPhoenix) and also on YouTube (NewChurchPhoenix Media.) 

We look forward to seeing you among us!

Stay Blessed!

Pastor Jean Atta


Here is an important message:

From: Church Reopening Evaluation Team

To: The New Church of Phoenix Congregation,

Dear Members and friends of the New Church of Phoenix,

            Since March of 2020 the Church Reopening Evaluation Team has been meeting weekly to discuss and plan for starting in-person services. This five member team has been working with topics such as the technical needs for a combined in-person/on-line service and protocols for the church reopening. Some of the technical needs have been defined and purchased for our church starting in-person services on September 12, 2021.  A survey was also conducted to get the congregants’ opinions on how to safely reopen our church.

            There was a lot of discussion regarding protocols and what would be required of those coming to church.  This included whether or not to require masks, social distancing, food sharing, and singing. As COVID changes in the impact on the population, we have needed to change our protocols to make sure everyone is safe and feels comfortable returning to in-person service. The following are the current protocols for the congregation returning to church on September 12th:

  • Masks will be required
  • Social distancing will be required
  • There will be no sharing of food
  • There will be no singing

The Church Reopening Evaluation Team will review these protocols for changes every couple of months. As things change in the world of COVID, we will adjust. We will also make sure we are listening to the rest of the congregation.


Brent Allen (Church Reopening Evaluation Team Lead).